Direct Training: Pre-Assessment

Autism Awareness and PEAK


To promote increased access to more effective ABA assessment and treatment options for individuals with autism and related disorders, PEAK is proud to offer a free download of the entire Direct Training Module’s Pre-Assessment.

This Pre-Assessment was recently constructed in the spring of 2017 to serve as a fast and easy to implement direct therapist-client assessment tool which sets the course for more in-depth assessment with the full Direct Training Module Assessment instrument found in the actual PEAK book.  Future printings of the Direct Training Module will eventually contain this pre-assessment.

The entire pre-assessment will take about 15 minutes to administer.

The entire therapist script, scoring tool, and all needed stimuli are provided in this single download.

Now every child receiving ABA services can be screened with this standard instrument to provide a score of their abilities before, during, and after treatment has taken place.


What do you do?

Print out this document, or transfer it to a PDF reader and implement with your clients. If you print out the test booklet, you can assemble it as a double-sided spiral bound flip book to make administration extremely easy.  During administration, you face the child across at a table or on the floor and read your script on your side of the book, while the child sees the relevant stimuli on their side of the book.   If you use a PDF reader and an iPAD, you may need to manipulate the image rotations and sequencing to optimize delivery on specific devices.

Once a score is obtained for each of the 4 PEAK Direct-Training Factors, use this information to guide completion of the more comprehensive PEAK-DT 184 item assessment.


Don’t Use PEAK?

If you do not use PEAK yet, this pre-assessment is still a great tool to evaluate the basic language repertoire of your clients in whatever type of ABA you deliver, and the progress the clients make over time.

This pre-assessment should be administered at 6 month to 1 year intervals.  It is designed to be delivered on EXTINCTION.  That means no feedback or error correction at anytime. Obviously you could deliver non-contingent reinforcement for task completion when necessary.


Where are the Downloads?

PEAK Direct Training Module Pre-Assessment Test (note: very big file) Download

PEAK Direct Training Module Pre-Assessment Scoring Guide Download


New to PEAK?

Here are the details.  The PEAK system contains four learning modules.  The Direct Training module focuses on teaching basic verbal operants (tact, mand, intraverbal, echoic), and expanding into more complex forms of these responses (extensions, metaphors, audience control, autoclitics).   This module also contains programs for teaching the basic social skills, wh questions, feature-function-class, and academic tasks.  The DT module has been shown to correlate with IQ, expressive and  receptive language tests, the VB-MAPP, and the ABBLS.  Furthermore, the DT module has been age-normed to about 8-9 years old.  This means a learner in the age range of 18 months – 9 years of age neurotypical is appropriate for the DT module.

This Pre-Assessment is a shortcut extremely easy to use tool to provide direct evidence of the presence or absence of tacts, mands, echoics, social behavior, metaphors, math abilities, word recognition and other various skills.  This tool should be used as a first step towards gaining a more comprehensive account of a full repertoire, which can be assessed further and then targeted for intervention using the PEAK curriculum or other approaches.