Comprehensive Assessment

The PEAK Comprehensive Assessment Record Booklet is your single source for combining and organizing all PEAK Module scores for your learner.  This record booklet provides you with a summary document containing:

  1. LCCA.  Introduced in PEAK-T and now expanded to include profiles of growth from prior assessments, and new challenging behavior indices.
  2. Individual Module Performance Matrices allowing for a comprehensive visual display of current levels of program mastery across all four PEAK modules.
  3. Equivalence and Transformation Pre-Assessment Record Forms that allow you to visually plot tested relational abilities.
  4. Factor scoring grids for the Direct and Generalization modules, and never before available relational scoring grids for the Equivalence and Transformation modules.
  5. Repertoire growth and challenging behavior reduction change scores to evaluate impact of treatment from prior evaluations.

The PEAK Comprehensive Assessment Record Booklet will be available for purchase in bundles of 25 or 50 on March 15th from Shawnee Scientific.  Download a sample now, to see everything this booklet will do to upscale the profile of your learner’s abilities.

Download your sample

PEAK Comp Assess. Record Booklet 3.9.17 WATERMARK!